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Merry/Scary/Hairy/Fairy Christmas!

Because it’s Christmas Eve, and because I haven’t blogged since Remembrance Day, I thought it high time that I jotted a little something down and put it here for all to see. Hang it on the web, with care, as it were.

One of the topics upon which I used to wax verbose in one of the previous incarnations of this blog was pop culture. And by pop culture, I mean superhero and science fiction television shows and movies.

My blog, my definitions.

Iron SantaOn my way home from work today (after an early release. Yay!) I was thinking about how much I love Christmas and how much I love “pop culture” (see above definition), and it occured to me to wonder just how much Christmas there is in superhero and science fiction lore.

I can’t think of too many references, quite frankly. Maybe writers/creators/producers are trying to make the future more “ecumenical”. Or maybe there just isn’t much one can do with a holiday/yuletide theme in a futuristic or fantastical setting.

But lo, what sound is this? Is it the scratching of heads? The rubbing of chins? Or both? It would seem I set you up in that last paragraph. For how much more fantastical can one get than the notion of a bearded man in red in a flying sleigh pulled by flying reindeer and delivering presents to good little girls and boys all over the world in a single night?

The world.

Single night.

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