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A Little Riff About BookCamp Halifax 2013

As someone who has always been possessed of a love of language, it’s a no-brainer that I would have readily agreed when my friend Kimberly asked me if I’d like to be involved in organizing the first Halifax BookCamp back in 2010. Following on the heels of the Vancouver and Toronto events, BookCamp Halifax was a small but mighty gathering that brought together publishers, editors, writers, and readers of all shapes, sizes, varieties, and flavours to talk about the current and future state of the written word in all its incarnations.

Small it might have been, but the conversations were wide in scope and deep in focus. Despite an attendance of less than fifty bibliophiles, the event was considered enough of a success that it spawned an offspring, namely BookCamp Halifax 2011, in which I also participated as an organizer (though sadly I was ill on the day of the event and unable to attend).

Again the event was a success, and though 2012 came and went without a BookCamp Halifax (due primarily to the busy lives of the organizers), the idea remained in the hearts of minds of those who had attended the previous two, and quiet, murmuring questions began to arise from various quarters, wondering whether or not another BookCamp Halifax might yet come to pass.

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