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Rantin’ on the River

[Just to get some old business out of the way before delving into my main topic for this post, let me just say that I’m painfully aware of how much I have discussed the process of blogging and the blog itself in my past posts. This has been self-indulgent and counter-productive. Writing about the blog in the blog is the kind of meta-writing that accomplishes very little and makes me look as if I have nothing of substance to talk about.

So, here endeth the self-referential blog posts. I have started the process of customizing this new version of the blog, and all future customizations and tweakages will speak for themselves. I’m going to get on with the serious business of writing about stuff.]


In today’s edition, I’d like to get a little something off my chest. It has to do with music and singing, and how you should really know your material before performing it.

So… let’s say you’re a singer. Let’s say you’re in a band, and you make a living doing what you do. You play a lot of gigs, and you have a decent following. You’re doing all right for yourself. You sound good, and you enjoy performing.

I would think that somebody in that position would take the time to understand the songs they sing before performing them in front of an audience. A lot of performers out there do a lot of covers of other people’s songs, and not only is it important to know the lyrics; it’s equally important to understand what those lyrics mean and what the song is about.

It’s like being in a play. If you just rhyme off the words without fully understanding them, then you’re not going to convince anybody that you’re really that character. You’re just going to be parroting somebody else’s words, and that’s exactly what it’s going to sound like.

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